Got the topical Kawaii Japanese pajama 

Got the topical Kawaii Japanese pajama 

I got a really lovely topical Kawaii pajama 😍

I think that most Japanese girls like small  and cute stuff. And I think when I’m wearing cute pajamas I feel really warm and and I can get happy and enjoy the night.

I don’t usually wear pink and fluffy stuff but actually wearing fluffy clothes is very comfortable and keeps you warm.

When I stay at home, usually I don’t care what I wear. But if someone is coming to my home, I don’t need change the clothes (which I would need to do if I would be wearing old damaged clothes for example) which is really nice.

What do you think? 😁


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I hope you had a Happy merry Christmas 🎄✨❤️

I hope you had a Happy merry Christmas 🎄✨❤️

Happy merry Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

Wow the year is almost over again.

Today we went to a local chocolate factory which had a very nice illuminated garden✨ (Here you can check it out if you want to)


Place:36-11-2-2 miyanosawa nishiku sapporoshi Hokkaido.

Time:9:00-18:00(Last entry 17:00)

Transport: I recommend to take the tube to go there. After you get off the tube, it takes around 7min by foot.

As soon as we arrived at the factory we saw the illuminated garden behind the gate infront of us. The garden was beautifully decorated in a fairytale like manner. We stumbled across a lot of small child-sized houses which made the scenery look like a village out of a fantasy movie.

Inside the park was a beautiful bridge that you could use to cross the park and gain a nice overview. We also saw many newlyweds shooting wedding photos. They had beautiful, genuine andslightly embarrassed smiles (even though I am sure the brides were freezing their butts off).

After we walked around outside we went to the inside of the factory. Inside was a very big ballroom like staircase at the main entrance. Couples could ask the staff to take photos there.
Since this is a candy factory you usually can get some free and cute candy inside.

This years illumination period has already finished so if you couldn’t see it live, you can check it out next year since this is a yearly event.


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Why not? My outfit is a hand-me-down from grandma.

Why not? My outfit is a hand-me-down from grandma.

When I wear my grandma’s clothes, my friends say you look old and ask me why I wear hand-me-downs. Because…

My profile says I really love my grandma’s fashion. The reason of me becoming  interested in her clothes was when  she said “I will rubbish all my clothes”
Of course i said “What a waste”. Maybe me being Japanese influenced my reaction a bit.

And look! This is one of my favorite outfits. It’s not as bad as you thought isn’t it? 😎grandma`s hand-me-downs


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