Corn blend tea in Hokkaido 🌽

Corn blend tea in Hokkaido 🌽

We’ve tried corn blend tea in the shopping street of TANUKIKOZI.

Actually this is low calories and zero Caffein so it’s quite healthy. The smell is describable as smelling a handful of dried corn. The smell hits you like a punch👊💥 Taste is like plain corn mixed with roasted tea.

Tanukikouzi is a big shopping street that divides the center of Sapporo between Odori and Susukino.

On there you have a lot of shops and activities to decide from. You could eat in one of the many restaurant, go shopping or visit the arcade.

More details will follow soon…


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New ribbon 🎀

New ribbon 🎀

I got such a lovely ribbon form mom 💕🎀

I think for Japanese girl wearing hair accessory on a daily bases is commen so take your time choosing one as a gift, since they can be picky about it 😎 (Actually my fiancé gave me a couple of them to choose from, as he said “just in case”)

I went back to my parents home on new year. They just finished their new year’s cleaning. During that clean up my mom found this vintage ribbon 🎀

I really liked its shape and colour so I decided to keep it.

I realised again that I really liked vintage things💕💕


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これは日本に帰って来てから思った事だけど、日本には色んな色や素材や形のアクセサリーがあるし、普段からヘアアクセサリーをつけるから(外国ではパーティーや特別なイベント時以外はあまりつけていない気がする…) 日本の女の子にヘアアクセサリーをプレゼントする時は大変だろうな〜って思う(´。~ω~。`)







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