Do you have an angelic outfit? ~清楚系コーデ~

Do you have an angelic outfit? ~清楚系コーデ~

Hello my friend!

Do you have an angelic outfit? I guess the answer is ” Of course yes!!” but maybe some people don’t have it so I’m going to talk about angelic fashion. I think this fashion style is nice for first dates and first meetings with your boyfriends family etc… If you want to make a favorable impression to someone, I think it will work well. Actually I met with my boyfriends family wearing this outfit and they thought highly of it.

Since it’s spring right now, this outfit consists of a mix of pastel colors with the A linien skirt and the brightly colored T-shirt. This is quite a change, since usually when i wear a light colored top, i wear dark colored pants or skirts and vice versa.


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Tops☞ Lauren Ralph Lauren BENNY -T-Shirt basic -summer








Skirt☞ mint&berry A-Linien-Rock -forever blue 



Socks☞ Tabio (I couldn’t find the picture but if you sarch “Tbio”, you could find simillar one)









Thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed!! See you later!xxx


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Gaufre ~ゴーフレット in 弾丸ツアー函館~ 

Gaufre ~ゴーフレット in 弾丸ツアー函館~ 

Hello my dear friends!!

Today I’m going to introduce Sweets in Hakodate, Hokkaido.This sweets name is ” Butter Gaufle”  It can only be bought in”BEURRE ~ブール~” in Hakodate. (Sadly this shop is already closed ;( )



It uses plenty of butter from Hokkaido and another amazing point is that it is good to eat for only 3 minutes!! The reason why is that the whipped cream melts so fast.  They have 2 kinds of taste: butter gaufle and chocolate berry. Taste was very rich but light taste. (which sounds weird but is the only good explanation i have)

I hope you will have the opportunity to eat it some day.


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さて今回ご紹介するのは、ここ函館でしか売っていないゴーフレット専門店 ”BEURRE ~ブール~” (残念ながら今は閉店になってしまったそうです。)




お味は!…生クリームとバターがすごく濃厚なのにあっさりしていてとてもおいしく頂きました♥ 私はショコラもおいしかったですが、特にバターゴーフレットがおすすめ(写真右)です!



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Night Adult Parfait ~大人の隠れ家パフェin札幌!!~

Night Adult Parfait ~大人の隠れ家パフェin札幌!!~

Hi my dears

Do you know what is the latest trend for desert after have dinner in Japan ?

The thing is “Night Parfait!!”

I’m going to introduce “Night adult parfait” in Sapporo. The name of the place is “夜パフェ専門店 パル” or “Parfaiteria Pal”


They change the menu seasonally, so nobody know what they have when they walk in. As you can see in this picture they have really interesting combinations of flavour.  It already sounds fun right? This time they had seven different kinds of parfait. I ordered La poire with gorgonzola cheese. Honestly, i didn’t expect too much of it until i tried the gorgonzola gelato. Yes, this one! It was so amazing and made me feel surprised. It doesn’t have a strong smell but a very very rich taste. After tasting it, my mouth felt very refreshed, it felt like a drinking a white wine with a gorgonzola cheese.


The other flavours were sumo mandarin with chamomile, yuzu and mochi with garden pears and more… It might be exciting for you to just choose your parfait.

Here is this shops website.

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If you have a chance to go there, let’s try every flavour <3


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“夜パフェ専門店 Parfaiteria PaL( パフェテリア パル)”













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