Special fish sale in Munich.~ミュンヘンお魚販売会に潜入!~

Special fish sale in Munich.~ミュンヘンお魚販売会に潜入!~

A couple of days ago, I’ve been to a special fish sale by 北海水産(Hokkai suisan)in Munich. It was held at the Novotel München Messe.

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Since this time they came to Munich for the first time this time, the event only took place for 2 hours. (From 11:00 to 13:00)

We had arrived at around 11:30, but there was already a long queue forming around 2 corners.

The venue was a conference room that was modified into a makeshift fish market like this:

Each container had a different type of seafood with over 30 of them in total.

Every fish is vacuum packed and the selection was great!
Some of the seafood that we saw were: kasuzuke fish, sake and sweet miso marined fish, mirinboshi fish, sashimi, aji no hiraki, octopus, shimesaba, oden, spicy mentaiko, seafood mix, takoyaki, seafood okonomiyaki etc…

These were the ones that i managed to remember, but there were far more types of fish available.

The price was around 6€ per item on average, which is not cheap (one package was around 500 grams on average, i believe) but the quality and taste is amazing.
Since it’s been a while since i could buy fresh and good fish i kinda fell into a shopping spree and spent 80€ on fish 😀

Up until now the event is only held once a year, since the supplier is from the netherlands and they need to drive their cooling truck to munich every time.
But the staff told me they are currently considering doing it twice a year since it is so popular here.

Im very looking forward to going there the next time as well.

Thank you for reading.

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今回は北海水産ーHokkai suisanーさんのお魚販売会にお邪魔しました☺

Novotel Munchen Messe 

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時間は 11:00-13:00の2時間。

私たちは11:30くらいに着いたのですが、 すでに約20分待ちの長蛇の列!











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