Hello my friend!

Do you have an angelic outfit? I guess the answer is ” Of course yes!!” but maybe some people don’t have it so I’m going to talk about angelic fashion. I think this fashion style is nice for first dates and first meetings with your boyfriends family etc… If you want to make a favorable impression to someone, I think it will work well. Actually I met with my boyfriends family wearing this outfit and they thought highly of it.

Since it’s spring right now, this outfit consists of a mix of pastel colors with the A linien skirt and the brightly colored T-shirt. This is quite a change, since usually when i wear a light colored top, i wear dark colored pants or skirts and vice versa.


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Tops☞ Lauren Ralph Lauren BENNY -T-Shirt basic -summer








Skirt☞ mint&berry A-Linien-Rock -forever blue 



Socks☞ Tabio (I couldn’t find the picture but if you sarch “Tbio”, you could find simillar one)









Thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed!! See you later!xxx


📷my instagram☞ http://instagram.com/happysummerfruits