Hello my dear friends!!

Today I’m going to introduce Sweets in Hakodate, Hokkaido.This sweets name is ” Butter Gaufle”  It can only be bought in”BEURRE ~ブール~” in Hakodate. (Sadly this shop is already closed ;( )



It uses plenty of butter from Hokkaido and another amazing point is that it is good to eat for only 3 minutes!! The reason why is that the whipped cream melts so fast.  They have 2 kinds of taste: butter gaufle and chocolate berry. Taste was very rich but light taste. (which sounds weird but is the only good explanation i have)

I hope you will have the opportunity to eat it some day.


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さて今回ご紹介するのは、ここ函館でしか売っていないゴーフレット専門店 ”BEURRE ~ブール~” (残念ながら今は閉店になってしまったそうです。)




お味は!…生クリームとバターがすごく濃厚なのにあっさりしていてとてもおいしく頂きました♥ 私はショコラもおいしかったですが、特にバターゴーフレットがおすすめ(写真右)です!



📷my instagram☞ http://instagram.com/happysummerfruits